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Creative Assignments as a Motivation Tool

Gabriela Pleschová

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In my paper I shall discuss the impact of creative activities in the classroom on fostering students’ and teachers’ motivation. I will examine two examples of innovative assignments when teaching political science: doing an interview with a political analyst and writing a short analysis of a foreign policy event based on drama watching. These tasks are assigned with the aim of getting students out of both classroom and library and let them do something practical.
     Normally, unusual activities make students more motivated as they can escape from regular duties and develop those skills best suited to them as individuals. But what is perhaps more important, such assignments also encourage teacher motivation. Today, more and more teaching and research load has been put on university teachers. With increasing numbers of students, teachers are prone to make assignments standard and less demanding to assess. However, this might lead to a situation where teaching becomes routine and the educator’s inspiration sharply diminishes. The paper describes how innovative assignments may require more efforts from the teacher at the beginning but will bring much encouragement at the end of semester.

Author Bio(s)

Positions Held
9/2004 - Comenius University, Bratislava, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Institute of European Studies and International Relations
Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence, assistant professor

9/2003 -     project manager of EUREA, NGO (part-time)

10-12/2001     editor-in-chief of the newsletter of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association

9-11/2001     referent at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia, Department for UN

7-8/1998 Assistant to the Deputy Director at the Bureau for Strategic Planning

Teaching Experience
9/2004 - Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, courses: International Relations, Contemporary Chinese Politics, China-EU relations, Management of EU Projects and Programs

2004-2002 Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Philosophy, courses: Contemporary Chinese Politics, Slovak - Chinese Economic Relations